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In For A Surprise With 2020’s Color Scheme In An Office Space

Chosen by Pantone Inc. as the color of 2020, Classic Blue is in the latest style of recent interior designs. One of the reasons why Classic Blue is chosen as the color of the year is due to the harmonious and comfortable feeling it brings out and it symbolizes peace. The office space that Bel Décor would like to introduce to our dear readers is a noteworthy model by applying Classic Blue in an office space.

Reception - Stylish Area With Classic Blue


The reception area is finished is finished with the clever and attractive combination of wood and Classic Blue as the primary color. The office is nearly 1000 square meters in area, the design language aims towards the feeling of freshness and vigor for the office.

Waiting Area Accompany By Comfy Sofa


The waiting area, which is integrated into the reception area, is designed with the harmonious combination of the prominent Classic Blue color. The design intends to bring out comfort and coziness by integrating green plants as a background

Working Space - Set Towards Creativity And Dynamic


The working space is designed to draw out creativity and dynamic with a spectacular mixture of colors. The working areas as well as cabinets are arranged as modules logically and conveniently.

Spacious Meeting Room Duped As A Showroom - Impressive Wooden Furniture And Dark Color Tones


With a spacious meeting room area, the design language continues using wood as the fundamental material in order to create uniformity with the working space. The difference between the two areas is the application of dark color tones to emphasize the feeling of professional and impression


Illuminating design and choice of furniture in the meeting room area is a combination of cogent choices to create an impressive atmosphere

Classic Space


Classic space is designed to honor the achievements of the company throughout the past years with a modern and illustrious design.

Relaxing Resting Area


The resting area utilizes a combo of opposing colors, which is blue and yellow, to produce an interesting contrast. The bunk-beds are arranged as resting places for the young and talented players

Director Room - Modern And Futuristic


The director room is designed to be modern and futuristic by combining dark color wooden furniture and the futuristic decorative painting with blue color tone.

Small Meeting Room Area


The small meeting room is used for internal-affair meetings, therefore, choices of materials are focused on establishing connectivity among staff members and drawing out coziness.

Chairman Room - Luxurious With Natural Wooden Furniture


With the implementation of high-end wooden furniture, the chairman room is certainly imbued with luxury, elegance and fine taste.


The chairman room is spacious and airy with elegant natural wooden shelves and other convenient spaces such as the sofa.


Private area for the chairman is design with elegance in mind and high-end & polished furniture

The Canteen - Expansive And Flexible

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Beside the office function, the design for this office is also incorporate the living space of the corporation’s football team, therefore, the eatery is requested to be roomy with flexibility.


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