Bel Decor Introduction

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Born out of necessity to make a difference, Bel Decor focus on innovative design solutions to serve our clients unique needs, may it be interior design or construction and renovation. Our approach is Creative, giving our very best to ensure Excellence couple with a Luxurious feel but practical, with an outcome acceptable by all internationally.

Bel Decor's work touches every part of the human experience: from where we work, play and live, to where we travel, learn, invent and worship. Since our establishment, many of our projects are successfully celebrated with co-workers from Vietnamese and foreigners in the areas of  Offices, Showrooms, Café, F & B, Restaurants, Hotels, Villas and Luxury Apartments.

At Bel Decor, we believe in creating that perfect balance between Interior Design and Lifestyle.Our Design philosophy is driven by integrity & trust, together with a dedicated and experience team of more than 20 years in the industry. Bel Decor strives to give our clients top quality finishes and professional services in all aspect of our works. That is the reason why we are being selected by all the leading companies.

Serving you with our heart and pride.

Adam Nguyen

CEO & Managing Director