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Interior Design | Apartment for The Extroverts

Outgoing people keep their youth and energy abundant despite their age. Therefore, their living space is always hidden interesting and different. In this design of the living room, besides the color of the walls and the floor white floor, the blue sofa became the main focus eye-catching!

Designed by: Bel Decor

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The blue tone is not only in the living room but also scattered to the kitchen and dining table. Simple and square design as in the minimalist apartment of a single person combined with beautiful flowers and 6-seat table set of large families shows the diversity of life and communication of the host.

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The working space is probably the most distinctive feature of this apartment because it is also the place where the owner freely arrange everything as their preference. The blue walls featured with white bookshelves and tables are unique designs that have inspired many projects and ideas to come true.

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The master bedroom is quite light and simple, but is enhanced by the 3D geometry on the wall. The combination of color and material of the room gives the viewer a far greater sense of reality. Extending to the ceiling of the wardrobe is to optimal storage space and make full use of space.

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Children's bedroom is designed in pastel blue tone quite pleasant. All designs fit, pretty and lovely. The layout of the earthenware shelf for children to use easily instead of hanging in the air as traditional design is the sophistication of the designers skills as well as the attention of parents for the children.

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