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An Elegant And Gracious Mansion With An Attic

Any home with an attic always holds a special feeling and they are always loved by many due to their unique charm and coziness. Bel Decor is proud to present our dearest readers an interior design as a New Year gift, let’s unwrap it!

Designed by Bel Decor

The miniature garden at the balcony - A wonderful place to let yourself go


The place is designed to be distinctive from other balcony designs. Accompany with the fresh and green zone is a place to relax outdoor. The appealing point of the mansion’s architecture design is it includes both an attic and an outdoor terrace. However, don’t worry too much if your property doesn’t have the same design. Bel Decor can always help you by adding a simple and convenient yet exquisite canopy design.

The attic bedroom - Cozy and refined


The best element of every attic home accommodates is the coziness in the bedroom. The chosen furniture in this design aims towards elegance and delicacy, which brings to the residents by natural wooden materials and chocolate color tone.


Natural light is efficiently utilized through the ingenious window. Utilization of natural light also helps narrow space and attic rooms to become more expansive and clear.

Remarkable outdoor corner


Every detail of the outdoor space is taken into careful consideration. Bel Decor incorporates a cabinet that serves as a wine display cabinet and a shelve for special occasions such as outdoor BBQ and parties during weekend.

Shower room - Modern and superb with dark color tones


Without any doubt, residents will be enchanted by the captivating black tone. The choice of furniture in this design focuses on simplicity, vogue, and efficiency.


The integrated restroom is designed with sophisticated details. By combining natural light and synthetic lighting system, the area is characterized with a harmonious and comforting atmosphere.

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