High above the Bay of Palma in the hills of Son Vida, the future owner will have a living area of 1,400m2 at his or her disposal.

A separate guesthouse with additional 300m2 can accommodate visitors. 240m2 of pool landscape and an unusually spacious 350m2 spa area remain unparalleled on the Mediterranean island.

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The outdoor pool with its breathtaking view of Palma can be converted into a terrace by the touch of a button: For this, the pool’s floor, weighing approx. 250 tons, is raised by means of two powerful hydraulic cylinders, thus creating additional terrace space.


Also in terms of ecology, the chameleon has a pioneering role: the climate control of the villa is based on geothermal technology for which 22 deep wells have been performed. In addition, nearly 50 m2 of solar panels are used for gaining energy.


The whole estate is equipped with LED lighting technology. Almost every room as well as Chameleon’s surroundings can be transformed with any light or color mood imaginable. Thus turning Chameleon into a giant light sculpture at night




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